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Step up your grooming game with our high quality Silver Shark Straight and Thinner Scissors Set. These scissors have been masterfully designed for a host of functions - be it trimming legs, establishing an underline or simply smoothing. Manufactured for rigorous use, these tools boast of impressive strength and resilience, effortlessly slicing through mats, or delivering precise cuts for shows. Co-created by professional groomers, these scissors boast of an optimal weight balance, thus ensuring they are comfortable to hold even over extended periods. The shark design imbues a buoyant feel even though the scissors are actually forged from thick, robust steel. Each cut is smooth, a testament to the precision and dedication that has gone into crafting this set. The finely-honed convex edge has been designed to resist wear and tear, still delivering unrivalled sharpness for tough tasks. Ideal for salon use, show grooming or simply at-home pet grooming, it is particularly recommended for medium-sized dogs like the Miniature Schnauzer. From leg scissoring for a Schnauzer, to an overall cut for larger breeds, these scissors deliver pristine results every time. Made of DC53 stainless steel, these scissors rank among the toughest in the market, boasting impressive wear resistance, compressive strength and tempered resilience. With a hardness score of 62-64 HRC, it far outperforms regular Solingen steel (57 HRC) or 440c steel (58-60 HRC). Employing cutting-edge CNC technology, the manufacturing process maintains an accuracy threshold of 2 micrometres, delivering the precisely crafted product that you receive. With a ready-to-use length of 8 inches and a cutting area of 3.9 inches, the scissors effortlessly serve all your grooming requirements. Crafted in an elegant satin silver colour, these scissors will be an aesthetic addition to your toolset. The set comes complete with scissor oil and a polishing cloth, neatly packed inside a magnetic closing box for convenient storage and transport.
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