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Rainbow Stripping Knife Set of 4 - SLANT TOOTH

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Step up your grooming game with our highly demanded "Rainbow Edition Stripping Knife Set.

This specialized set now features Double Coarse teeth, making it a versatile choice for both soft and hefty, thick coats. Engineered for precision, our slant teeth design efficiently grabs softer or mixed coats with substantial undercoat. It's perfect for blending as it fully strips down to the undercoat.

- The Single Coarse knife doubles as an excellent


- The newly added Double Coarse knife is an

excellent tool for flat work and rolling in more than

3 layers

- The Fine knife serves as a great carding tool

- The Medium is universally apt for both pulling and


Our knives are intentionally hand-dulled, but maintain enough sharpness to efficiently manage thick coats – truly the best of both worlds.

For very harsh, crispy coats with minimal undercoat, consider our Classic Edition that's specially designed to not break the coat.

Beware of imitations ⚠️! The only way to get your hands on the original grooming tools, developed by professional groomers with years of experience under their belt, is through or our official distributors. The imitation products are overly sharp, posing a risk to your dog's coat and their skin.

Invest in our original Rainbow Edition Stripping Knife Set – a tool that combines practicality and quality while saving you precious time and effort.

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