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Rainbow Edition Knife - MEDIUM

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Product Details Rainbow Edition - MEDIUM

The Rainbow edition got a little technical face lift; we moved the teeth for better grab. They are smarter, than you can even imagine.
MEDIUM works great both for stripping and cleaning undercoat, specially on breeds with a thick coat and a lot of undercoat.

Medium knife is great for dogs with a very harsh coat. Big breeds like Giant Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer or some terriers with a very compact coat. The function is similar to the FINE, but the distance between teeth is made to fit thicker hair. Danish HAND crafted knives were developed as unique tool for all groomers which demand quality, comfort and function in one.
Our knives are a result of more than 25 years working with hand stripped breeds.
  • Comfort - natural wood material, anatomical handle and good space for your thumb
  • Developed exactly for long and comfortable work
  • Quality - we use only top quality stainless steel
  • Hand Crafted - each knife is hand dulled and tested before shipping to our customers
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