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Rainbow Edition Knife - MEDIUM

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Product Details

Experience superior grooming with Rainbow Edition-MEDIUM by, now available with a revamped technical design.

Our expert designers have optimally spaced the teeth to offer improved grip and top-tier stripping performance. Perfect for breeds with thick coats or extensive undercoats, its innovative design goes beyond your expectations.

The MEDIUM size works wonders in both stripping and undercoat cleaning; it's remarkably efficient for dealing with the toughest of coats.

We recommend it for use on large breeds like the Giant Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer, or any terrier breeds known for their compact layers of fur.

The design aligns closely with our FINE model, exception being the teeth spacing particularly optimized for thicker hair.

Born out of 25 years of experience in catering to hand-stripped breeds, our Danish HAND crafted knives are an exclusive tool aimed at professional groomers who value quality, comfort, and functionality in their toolkit.

Stellar utility aside, our knives promise a comfortable grip and lasting durability. Designed with a natural wood material and an anatomical handle, they provide plenty of room for your thumb and ensure long hours of comfortable work.

Quality is our top priority - we use only superior stainless steel in the manufacturing process. Our commitment to delivering the best doesn't stop there; each knife undergoes hand-dulling and quality testing before shipment, guaranteeing top-notch, reliable performance for our customers.

Edge your way to effortless grooming with Rainbow Edition-MEDIUM.

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