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Available in three different sizes, these rotating-pin combs come with Double Pins, Short Pins, and Long Pins. Each pin is crafted from rounded, stainless steel and has the ability to rotate 360º for gentle detangling.

Effortlessly detangle and remove small mats from your pet's coat using these rotating-pin combs. The stainless steel teeth rotate 360°, minimizing the pull on hair as the comb effortlessly moves through the coat. This makes the comb an excellent finishing tool that detangles, smoothens, and shines your pet's coat after the removal of larger mats.

Created for all dog breeds and every type of coat, these combs feature a lightweight bamboo handle that provides easy handling and is eco-friendly as well.

Expertly designed, the comb functions to penetrate the most stubborn, smallest mats. It starts by using longer pins to part the mats and then proceeds to clean out the rest. This exceptionally useful tool is perfect for keeping your pet, be it a dog or a cat, completely mat-free.

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