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Longer length - great for larger breeds
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Experience unparalleled quality and performance with our long straight scissors - designed with precision to groom larger breeds effortlessly. The weight of these exceptional scissors is ingeniously distributed towards the center, sparing you the wrist fatigue and uncomfortable blisters common with extended grooming sessions.

Our product, nicknamed "The Raven," is meticulously crafted to deliver smooth, flawless cuts. Its unique edge design marries functionality with cutting excellence, leaving a lasting impression on every strand it graces. The evidence is palpable - with the Raven, grooms preserve their fresh appearance significantly longer.

Equipped with DC53 stainless steel - widely acclaimed for its superior wear resistance, toughness, and compressive strength - the Raven ranks among the crème de la crème of grooming equipment. In contrast, it boasts a hardness of 62-64 HRc, outpacing the 57 HRc of Solingen steel and the 58-60 HRc of the 440c.

The Raven redefines precision with Convex edges and the utilization of state-of-the-art CNC technology. The Convex edges, the sharpest possible for scissors, are hollow-ground inside the blade, promising a silky cutting action. Additionally, our 2microm precision courtesy of our CNC technology ensures the highest level of accuracy.

With an enviable length of 8.5 inches and a cutting area of 4.3 inches, the Raven represents the ideal grooming companion. Further, it sports a stunning black mirror polish, underscoring its upper echelon status.

This exceptional accessory is delivered in a magnetic closing box, together with a polishing cloth and oil. Acquiring "The Raven" is more than just a purchase - it's an investment in grooming excellence.

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