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Introducing our renowned TWIN KING 2in1 Professional rake - sports a superior steel handle and enlarged spacing between blades compared to its original plastic counterpart.

This grooming tool is perfect for detailing and managing harder-to-reach spots, ensuring your furry friend looks their absolute best.

The notably larger distance between the blades makes this model an ideal choice for larger breeds or breeds sporting thick coats. It’s particularly remarkable on Westies, Cairns, Jacks, Schnauzers and all other double-coated breeds.

We are well-aware that many grooming rakes on the market can potentially harm your dog's coat. That's why we put significant thought and effort into creating a grooming tool that protects your dog's coat rather than causing damage. The secret lies in our unique dulling method that has been patented for its innovative design.

Renowned breeders from various corners of the world are recommending our Professional Twin King 2in1 for their puppy buyers. And that's not all. They are buying these grooming tools in bulk quantities, a testament to their trust in the quality and efficacy of our product.

Experience the uniqueness and efficiency of our tools today. Never compromise when it comes to the care and presentation of your precious pet!

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