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The Diamond Edition Extra Coarse Stripping Tool is an essential addition to your pet grooming arsenal.

Boasting a larger working area and a super abrasive coating, this tool excels in comprehensive stripping, rolling a coat, and is particularly effective for larger breeds. Unlike other tools, it delicately works on your pet's coat without cutting hair.

Whether it's for stripping down coats, rolling or blending, this tool is ergonomically designed for comfort, reducing the risk of painful blisters even after prolonged use.

It's simplicity personified when it comes to tricky areas - it works wonders on ears and faces! Ideal for heavy coats and body grooming, the Diamond Edition Extra Coarse Stripping Tool is your go-to gadget for a seamless, stress-free grooming session.

Try it once and you're sure to fall head over heels with its performance.

Experience the joy of hassle-free grooming with the Diamond Edition Extra Coarse Stripping Tool. Trust us, you'll LOVE THEM FOREVER! Experience the precision of professional grooming right at your fingertips.

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