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Entering into the fascinating world of hand stripping? Uncertain about which tools to kickstart your journey with? Fret not - our Beginners Hand Stripping Kit is at your service! This comprehensive kit is filled with all the beginner-friendly tools that will help you confidently handstrip your dog, irrespective of the breed.

Now, you can wave farewell to your worries, and instead, focus on perfecting your hand stripping skills with these three essentials:

Teflon Coated Anti-static Comb As the first step of your hand stripping process, this unique comb effortlessly glides through your dog’s coat. It detangles the hair and preps the coat for hand stripping. The anti-static feature means it's a joy to use.

Twin King 2n1 Undercoat Rake Designed to safely remove the dead undercoat, this tool does so without breaking the topcoat. As the only model in the market that is hand-dulled, you're assured of damage-free undercoat removal with this rake.

Diamond Edition “Shorty” Stripping Knife Time to tackle the hard topcoat? Then the Diamond Shorty is your go-to. The stone-like design makes it indisputably incapable of cutting hair. With a well-balanced and comfortable form, it allows you to learn the correct stripping technique (without damaging the coat) before advancing to stripping knives.

Doubts creeping up? You are more than welcome to reach out to us through text, email, or call. Let’s get those hard coats in the best shape, shall we?

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