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Espana Silk Natural Detangler & Protectant Spray with Sunscreen for Dogs

Ideal for brush-outs
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Product Details

"Healthy shine with a bonus of UV protection." This versatile, non-oily spray is your pet's new best friend. It thoroughly hydrates and detangles your pet's hair, injected with a protein boost for a healthy, vibrant coat.

Ideal for everyday brush-outs and between-baths coat maintenance - it's an essential. Best used after bathing, this spray efficiently repels dirt and dust, ensuring a cleaner, static-free coat for longer periods.

Designed for all animals - dogs, cats, horses - and even safe for humans! This cruelty free, biodegradable spray is proudly manufactured in the USA. Its subtle results impress - a healthier, glossier coat is just a spray away.

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