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Espana Silk Natural Antiseptic Healing Topical Spray for Dogs

Spray on after hand-stripping for antibacterial protection!
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Often hailed as the "Miracle Spray" by our repeat customers, Espana Antiseptic Topical Spray exhibits an impressive range of applications. This magical potion is ideal for any form of minor skin irritations including allergies, rashes, sunburns, clipper burns, hot spots, insect bites, hives, irritated bumps, and bee stings.

Your post handstripping care just got a whole lot simpler and effective! Our Antiseptic Spray contributes significantly to protecting open pores from potential bacterial infections. Spritz the spray lightly to moisten the coat, use a clean towel to tenderly rub into the hair in the direction of its growth.

Formulated with a unique blend of all natural, powerful, skin-healing ingredients, our Antiseptic Topical Spray doesn't compromise on the coat's hardness. Witness the magic unfold as it promotes rapid healing, leaving skin feeling refreshed, soothed, and healthy.

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