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Smaller size and ergonomic handle - Perfect for a smaller hand!
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Diamond Edition - Mini Shorty ECO with Coarse Coating and Wooden Handle
This universal stripping tool features a shortened working area and is a mini-version of our best-selling Shorty with more ergonomic handle. At 1 cm smaller, the 13.7 cm length provides a solid, well-balanced tool. It’s ideal for rolling coats, bold strip-work, or flat work. The ergonomic handle ensures comfort, preventing blisters even during extended use. The smaller size is ideal for a smaller hand.
This is the perfect starting tool for beginners, as it allows them to learn the correct techniques with no risk of damage or cutting. The Mini Shorty Eco excels on difficult, detailed areas; between eyes, on the ears, and tail. It also works amazingly well on large body areas.
Each tool has a unique numbered hologram to ensure it's an original product. There's only one original with the correct coating. Avoid buying the cheap fake copies; they won't perform the same and won't last long!
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