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An Old English Sheepdog Favorite!
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Our Volumizing Bamboo Wood Brush, a must-have for thick-coated breeds. This powerful grooming tool uses 2cm long pins to delve deep into heavy coats down to the skin, easily achieving what shorter pins struggle with.

With a working area of 12 x 6cm, it efficiently covers greater surface areas, ensuring uniform lift and volume that's hard to resist. Boasting an ergonomic handle of 15cm, it guarantees maximum comfort, reducing fatigue during extended grooming sessions.

Indulge in volumizing power that not only enhances your pet's look but also kindles a rejuvenating brushing experience. This dynamic brush embodies an all-green ethos with a light and durable bamboo wood body. But here's the interesting part - bamboo isn't wood! It's actually a grass breed, making this brush an eco-friendly, sustainable choice we take pride in.

Complementing this brush's functional touch is a soft rubber pad and air cushion-infused brushing part, designed for gentle yet effective grooming. It does not pull on the hair, but rather imparts fantastic volume, combining style and comfort in one efficient tool. Prepare to be astounded by this smart, lightweight brush's remarkable volumizing results - a true gamechanger for thick-coated breeds. Get your hands on it today, and embrace a green, efficient, and powerful grooming experience!

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